For over 17 years, Ristech has been providing technology solutions for leading Libraries including public, academic and research facilities. Our technologies are used extensively in government archives, major universities, as well as several large publishers. Ristech is a leader in Digital Conversion hardware and software including: book scanners, microfilm/microfiche scanners, newspaper/large format scanners, and fragile materials.

Ristech combines a broad selection of imaging hardware and software products with the knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients implement the most productive and efficient digitization solutions for their requirements. These solutions have proven to be invaluable in the mass digitization projects currently underway in North America.

Clients we have worked with

While there are many book digitization service providers, there are many people who trust Ristech. Obviously, there are many reasons behind this. While for book scanning and microfilm digitization, we have the best quality book scanners and microfilm scanners around, we also offer the most reasonable pricing for those products as we work with some of the best scanner and microfilm manufacturers in the business. Service-wise, we are fast and can help you resolve any issue with your microfilm or digital book scanners. To date, we have a lot of satisfied customers as you can see in our testimonials. Now we are waiting to help you! Please contact us here


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2016 Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits
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Super Conference 2016
Library Lab: The Idea Incubator
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“We looked for something in-between our flatbed scanners and our huge, expensive large format scanner, and the Book2net spirit fit the bill concerning both features and price. We also wanted something with minimal power requirements that didn’t require an Ethernet port,” said librarian Jennifer Emmanuel. “We also like how easy it is to use – there is no learning curve and people are amazed at how easy it is to learn.”

Jennifer Emmanuel

We are very pleased with the output. There has been a lot of great feedback from the users. Overall, the Book2net Kiosk is an excellent solution.


Ann Marie Holland
McGill University 

It is a pretty exciting piece of equipment that will move our reading room and services to our readers into a new dimension. It’s so simple that it would take only a couple of minutes to show a patron how to use it, but in my opinion, it was so intuitive that it might require only a few seconds!

Teri Sierra
Assistant Chief Serial and Government Publications Division
Library of Congress – Washington

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in demand for digital reproductions of books. The previous methods available for imaging delicate or old books were cumbersome and not conductive to the handling of fragile materials.

Anne Dondertman
Assisant Director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library
University of Toronto

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